Oona Inari 8 Pay - The Android powered POS

The ideal payment solution for your mobile and stationary POS

Product Story

Contactless payment adoption is on a huge upward trend. This requires the appropriate technology that enables contactless payment, the fastest and safest method available.

The 8" Android™ powered Inari 8 Pay tablet is THE POS device equipped with leading-edge front facing NFC antenna allowing contactless payment by simply holding the debit/credit card, a cell phone or even smartwatch on the tablet screen.
Payment SoftPos applications allow contactless payment anywhere in your shop/restaurant and outside for curbside pick-up or drive-thru.

How did your attitude towards contactless payment change in the last few months?

  • High-Performance front-facing NFC antenna
    Contactless payment directly on tablet screen:
    • reduces checkout time and maximizes turnover
    • reduces queues
    • minimizes risk of infection
    • saves space
    • less devices and smaller footprint

  • Mobile Device
    Option to set-up additional POS anywhere in no time:
    • enables omnichannel and pick-up at store, curbside pick-up, drive-thru
    • reduces queues
    • offers home delivery with checkout option
    • minimizes risk of infection
    • reduces power consumption compared to PC based solutions

  • Enterprise durability and ruggedization
    Robust device made for all-day operation
    • withstands dropping
    • withstands regular disinfection and cleaning
    • enables daily operations
    • long operating time or build-in solution

  • Longevity
    • low TCO
    • form-fit-functions between generations
    • low downtime

  • Android-powered
    • offers user-friendly interface
    • supports compatibility with various POS apps
    • enables contactless payment via front-facing NFC

Mobile POS Solutions

Inari 8 Pay - The Android powered POS tablet is ideal for all omnichannel use cases like:
  • Click & Collect
  • Drive-Thru
  • Curbside pick-up
  • Order in-store with home delivery
  • Additional mobile POS
  • Customer service points with checkout option

The POS System based on the Inari 8 Pay tablet can be set-up in no time to reduce the number of people in stores, avoid queues and minimize the risk of infection. Customers can be served anywhere in the store or restaurant which allows safe distancing between customers and can even enable outside use cases like drive-thru or pick-up services.


Avoiding the risk of infection is critical.
Unattended ordering and checkout solutions by using kiosks are gaining importance more than ever before.

Inari 8 Pay tablet can be build-in in any self-service or self-checkout system (e.g. ordering terminals, cash-register in supermarkets, ticketing systems for public transportation or ATMs in banks, etc.), allowing contactless payment directly on the tablet screen.

Stationary POS SYSTEM

The Inari 8 Pay tablet can be used as a stationary all-in-one POS payment device with CRM/POS software and addresses the need for saving space and offers a cleaner look.
The customer can pay contactless by simply holding the debit/credit card on the tablet screen.

The huge variety of POS accessories attachable to the tablet make separate devices like payment terminals or barcode scanners redundant.

Secondary Customer Screen

The Inari 8 Pay tablet can be used as a build-in customer-facing screen in a stationary cash register device or as a payment terminal allowing contactless payment and additional functionalities like value-added services (up-selling, couponing etc.).

Create value for your business with various accessories

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Various Docking Solutions, for e.g. MTI Rapid Dock

Contactless payments are here to stay

Inari 8 Pay 
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