Aava Story

In 2009 Aava Mobile was founded with a focus on open OS smartphones and handhelds. The company name, Aava Mobile ("Aava" in Finnish means "open"), represents this product philosophy. Over the years, Aava brought its smartphone skills to the purpose-build tablets and handhelds market and is ever since world leader for POS professional tablets.

Today Aava offers tablets and handhelds for professional and semi-professional markets including customer-specific developments as well as Aava roadmap products for various vertical markets like retail, restaurants, hospitality and payment.

In 2018 Aava started its’ new service-oriented brand Oona which offers revolutionary and innovative cloud commerce solutions. 

At Aava you get everything from one source – from the hardware to the smooth implementation of your specific software.

Aava Milestones:

2009:     Aava Mobile founded by a team of wireless experts

2009:    First smartphone reference design based on x86 Intel platform

2010:    First tablet design based on Intel Atom platform

2011:    Tablet reference and product designs

2012:    Tablet design on Intel Atom with Windows 8

2012:    Tablet design on Intel Atom dual-core with Android

2013:    First Aava Roadmap product, tablet based on Intel Atom quad-core with Windows 8

2015:     Aava Mobile and Ingenico launch the first fully integrated tablet with contactless payment

2015:    Aava Mobile and Verifone partner to offer the first Intel-powered, "pocketable" POS solution

2016:    Aava Mobile announced to present the first full Windows 10 device in 5” class

2017:     Aava Mobile introduced family of new payment accessories oriented products

2018:    Aava Mobile launches Oona Cloud Commerce

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